Route 31 Schedule and Map


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System Map

Route 31 Weekdays_trips
Loop Route
Green @ Commons Stewart @ Williams Uris Hall Dairy Bar Pleasant Grove @ Hanshaw Winston Ct. Convenient Care Dairy Bar Across Street Uris Hall Across Street Seneca @ Commons
7:00AM 7:04AM 7:09AM 7:13AM 7:18AM 7:23AM 7:35AM 7:46AM 7:49AM 7:57AM
8:00AM 8:04AM 8:09AM 8:13AM 8:18AM 8:23AM 8:35AM 8:46AM 8:49AM 8:57AM
9:00AM 9:04AM 9:09AM 9:13AM 9:18AM 9:23AM 9:35AM 9:46AM 9:49AM 9:57AM
10:00AM 10:04AM 10:09AM 10:13AM 10:18AM 10:23AM 10:35AM 10:46AM 10:49AM 10:57AM
11:00AM 11:04AM 11:09AM 11:13AM 11:18AM 11:23AM 11:35AM 11:46AM 11:49AM 11:57AM
12:00PM 12:04PM 12:09PM 12:13PM 12:18PM 12:23PM 12:35PM 12:46PM 12:49PM 12:57PM
1:00PM 1:04PM 1:09PM 1:13PM 1:18PM 1:23PM 1:35PM 1:46PM 1:49PM 1:57PM
2:00PM 2:04PM 2:09PM 2:13PM 2:18PM 2:23PM 2:35PM 2:46PM 2:49PM 2:57PM
3:00PM 3:04PM 3:09PM 3:13PM 3:18PM 3:23PM 3:35PM 3:46PM 3:49PM 3:57PM
4:00PM 4:04PM 4:09PM 4:13PM 4:18PM 4:23PM 4:35PM 4:46PM 4:49PM 4:57PM
4:30PM 4:34PM 4:39PM 4:43PM 4:48PM 4:53PM 5:05PM 5:16PM 5:19PM 5:27PM
5:00PM 5:04PM 5:09PM 5:13PM 5:18PM 5:23PM 5:35PM 5:46PM 5:49PM 5:57PM
5:30PM 5:34PM 5:39PM 5:43PM 5:48PM 5:53PM 6:05PM 6:16PM 6:19PM 6:27PM
6:00PM 6:04PM 6:09PM 6:13PM 6:18PM 6:23PM 6:35PM 6:46PM 6:49PM 6:57PM
7:00PM 7:04PM 7:09PM 7:13PM 7:18PM 7:23PM D -- -- --
D = Demand Stop. Passengers wanting to get off will need to ask the driver to stop.

Route 31 map
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